Tuesday, 25 February 2014

We now have 3 star SDI accreditation... the only University in the UK to achieve this!

I'm delighted that we've now achieved 3 star SDI status.

In early 2012 we were looking for a tool or framework to help us improve our service.  In Spring 2012 we signed a contract with the Service Desk Institute - making a commitment to three years of audits.   In eighteen months, we've seen a significant improvement in our audit scores - and most importantly, it's provided us with the framework to help us improve our service to our customers.   We've changed the way we do things... we focus on the customer.  Nine concept areas are measured by the auditors:
  1. Leadership
  2. Policy & Strategy
  3. People & Management
  4. Partnership & Resources
  5. Processes & Procedures
  6. People Satisfaction
  7. Customer Satisfaction
  8. Performance Results
  9. Social Responsibility
Our Scores
May 2012:  1.67
Dec 2012:  2.84 (2 star accreditation achieved)
Dec 2013:  3.28 (3 star accreditation achieved)
SDI provides the only industry, standards based, accreditation based programme.  We’re the only University in the UK to achieve 3 stars.  It's been quite a journey - and I'm extremely proud of my team for their commitment and dedication to continual service improvement. 
The SDI certification programme will continue to enable us to measure and improve our IT Service Desk’s effectiveness and maturity against globally recognised standards.  We will be audited again in December 2014. 
Yesterday, Howard Kendall, SDI's Master Auditor, presented the St Andrews team with their 3 star award.
He, said: "After achieving 2* SDI certification in 2013, it is highly rewarding to see that the excellent strategy and leadership in place at St Andrews is playing a major part progressing the service to a 3* customer-led level of maturity. Quality leadership combined with a new location for the service desk, the appointment of a business relationship manager, the implementation on a carefully planned customer experience feedback programme and the on-going enthusiasm and high morale of staff is clearly bearing fruit. I’m delighted to see St Andrews embracing continuous service improvement and shall continue to follow them on their journey."
The SDI audit project is lead by Lorraine Brown, IT Service Desk Manager.   
L to R:  Kevin Donachie, Associate CIO; Lorraine Brown, IT Service Desk Manager; Howard Kendall, SDI;  and me


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