Friday, 5 December 2014

Mobile Working and the Microsoft Surface Pro

BYOD continues to be a challenge for organisations for all the obvious reasons of security, integration and interoperability.

With the emergence of devices such  as the Microsoft Surface Pro, for many SME's and larger organisations such devices provide a real alternative to providing a laptop, especially for executives.

I've  recently started to use a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and have very quickly adapted to it and to Windows 8.1. With the availability of all of the applications I require and a docking station this is very likely to replace both my current laptop and iPad.

Whether the Surface Pro starts to become prevalent as a BYOD candidate remains to be seen but in the corporate world where CYOD is an option this device will likely quickly gain ground as the executive device of choice. Its slightly heavy however its small enough to easily fit in a briefcase without the bulk of a laptop. The ability to run line of business software applications and to manage the device using the standard toolsets are the two primary benefits in my opinion.