Sunday, 12 May 2013

Computing Enterprise Mobility Summit - 11 June 2013

I'm delighted to have been asked to participate in this years Computing Enterprise Mobility Summit in London in June. 
Adapting and keeping up with the pace of change can be a real challenge and the growth in this area will change the IT landscape as we know it. 
In a University environment it's difficult to shape the strategy in terms of enterprise mobility - as the students will bring whatever device they choose - and will have an expectation that we'll support it.  So our strategy has to be to - flexibility.   In that context, BYOD nothing new to IT professionals in universities - we're good at that with students, but for staff it's a big issue in terms of security of data. 
From a business point of view - for support staff, teaching staff and researchers, etc,  CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) can present more of a challenge.  The ideal model - give staff a small range of devices they can use and tell them these are the platforms we'll support.   Easy!  The reality is very different!  
At St Andrews, we're becoming a more collaborative and mobile workforce - and there are a range of platforms out there that can enhance the way we work together and make us more efficient - or just make us available 24x7??
The increasing use of Mobile Apps to interface with core business systems is driving a direction towards the handheld device becoming the critical business tool going forward - whether it be a smartphone, mini tablet or something in between - this has yet to be seen.  
The agenda for the Enterprise Mobility event is excellent and I'm very much looking forward to taking part. 
Panel: "Enterprise of the Future: Office of the Future"
On my panel, I'll be alongside the CTO of the BBC, the Head of IT for Shelter UK and the Director of IM & T for Royal Free Hospital, London.  I'm sure it will be a fascinating discussion. 

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